Image One PR observes National Public Health Week, April 6–12, 2015. We join the American Public Health Association (APHA) in recognizing the essential role our public health system plays in reducing health disparities and improving quality of life for all Americans. This year’s theme is: Healthiest Nation 2030. Let’s Make America the Healthiest Nation in One Generation!

2015 is APHA’s 20th Anniversary for organizing National Public Health Week!

Contrary to what many of us think, Americans are not the healthiest people in the world.  In the U.S., according to APHA, we spend more on health care but live shorter lives and suffer more health issues than our peers in other high-income countries. At Image One PR, we support national and local efforts to raise America’s health care standing. We continue to work closely with our nonprofit and federal partners to support public health goals and objectives. Our work has supported:

  • Substance abuse prevention
  • Affordable housing
  • Seniors’ health
  • Youth development

We celebrate National Public Health Week, and we hope you do as well.